What is a round green pill with teva on one side and 833 on the other

Not Medical Advice:

A round green pill with the imprint TEVA on the front, and 833 on the back of it is 1mg of Clonazepam (made by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA), the generic name for Klonopin.

Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine anticonvulsant that is used to treat panic disorder, restless legs syndrome, anxiety, burning mouth syndrome, and benzodiazepine withdrawal, among other illnesses.

Abuse of this drug may lead to psychological or physical dependence.

This prescription-only medication may pose a risk to an unborn fetus, and should be used only under a doctor's supervision.

KSAT in San Antonio reports that for some people suffering from REM sleep behavior disorder, the drug clonazepam and melatonin can help.