What is a natural way to make tubes come untied

Not Medical Advice: You would need to have tubal ligation reversal, as there is no proven ways to untie a woman's fallopian tubes without undergoing a surgery.

Pregnancies after tubal ligation have been reported, but the failure of the tubal ligation is never because their tubes have become ‘untied’ and never because their tubes have ‘grown back together’. Tubal-Reversal.net shares with readers the real reasons for pregnancy after tubal ligation.

A tubal ligation reversal is a procedure to restore fertility after a woman has had a tubal ligation — a procedure that cuts or blocks the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.

During a tubal ligation reversal, the blocked segments of the fallopian tubes are reconnected to the remainder of the fallopian tubes. This may allow eggs to again move through the tubes and $perm to travel up the fallopian tubes to join an egg.

More info about tubal ligation reversal can be found on MayoClinic.org.

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