What is a lizard that starts with an N?

There are three types of species of Lizard that starts with the letter N. They are:

  • New Caledonian Giant Gecko
  • Nile Monitor
  • Northern Alligator Lizard

Fueled by Charles Darwin's famous idea that animals become tame when they live on remote, predator-free islands, William Cooper Jr of Indiana University–Purdue University has tested Darwin's hypothesis on 66 species of lizards from around the world and found that island dwellers tended to be more docile than their continental relatives. Read more at Huffington Post.

According to National Geographic, found only in the Chilean Andes, Liolaemus leopardinus lizard moms shove off just 24 hours after delivery, leaving their brood poop for a snack, according to new research at Oklahoma State University. Find out more here.

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