What is a legitimate at home envelope stuffing company to work for

Not financial advice: The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) warns that there are currently no legitimate envelope stuffing companies out there. Ads generally promise that for a small fee you can earn lots of money stuffing envelopes at home. In reality, there is no work to be done. After the fee is paid you’ll receive instructions to recruit friends, family, and strangers to buy the same so-called opportunity you did. Money can be earned only if people fall for the scam the same way you did.

Ask these questions before responding to a work-at-home offer:

What tasks will I have to do to get paid?
Commission or salary?
Can you prove I will earn what you claim I’ll earn?
Who will issue my paycheck?
When is my first payday?
How much exactly will it cost to start working?

The most recent work-at-home scam promising a big payoff is advertised via email. Offshore businesses mail checks and then ask unsuspecting victims to cash them and then forward a percentage of the money through wire transfers or a bank. The checks are never good and the consumer is always responsible for the original amount.

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