What is a free sext ing number?

Must Be 18:

There are no sexting services which will connect you with a partner for free. All the numbers we found charge on a per text basis, or offer bundles of texts at some fixed cost.

Another way to try to find a partner to sext with would be to try any of the free social websites where you can search, or post "personals," for others interested in similar activities.

Most of these people use Instant Message apps like MSN Messenger, and AIM, but you can post your own message for anyone who might care to text instead, if you don't feel like using an instant messenger app.

Two social communities we found where one can post "personal ads" for free after signing up are AOL_Sex, and MSN_Sex.

Most experts agree that there's no harm in sexting as long as it does not become a obsession which causes one to lose interest in real life relationships.

In fact researchers at the University of Michigan observed the sexting habits of almost 3,500 men and women ages 18 to 24 and found that sexting was very common among them, and that sending explicit images or messages was not associated with risky behaviors.

Remember when sexting to engage your partner's mind, "less is more" can be very relevant when sexting.

Try teasing, describing things in detail rather then just being being X-Rated.

Updated on Sunday, July 29 2012 at 10:37AM EDT