What is a biget

You are probably referring to the word bigot. A bigot is someone who is extremely partial to their own type of group and intolerant of others. These group types can pertain to race, religion, and politics.

A bigot would also be described as being prejudiced, and their bigotry can lead one to be racist, homophobic, chauvinistic, and other bigoted descriptions.

A bigot can also be someone who refuses to accept other ideas, as in politics. This word was borrowed from Middle French, but the French word is of uncertain origin.

In Old French bigot was a term of abuse for Normans, and possibly related to the oath bi got "by God." In English and French, a bigot was originally a hypocrite, a person who claims to have certain moral beliefs but whose behavior doesn't match those beliefs.

A bigot was specifically a hypocritical professor of religion, but the connection with the current sense of bigot is not clear.

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Thursday, March 09 2017
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