What is 50mg of tramadol equal to in oxycodone?

Not Medical Advice: The "Equianalgesic Dose" of 50mg Tramadol is 5mg of Oxycodone (range 4-8mg).

Tramadol Hydrochloride 50mg capsule is one of a group of drugs called centrally acting analgesics used to ease pain. Always take Tramadol exactly as your doctor has told you. Do NOT drink alcohol with this prescription. The effects of Tramadol capsules are not affected by food. Swallow these capsules whole with a glass of water at the same times each day.

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Tramadol is a common type of pain killer that is widely used because of the low risk level of addiction. However, addiction is still possible. Seek help for Tramadol addiction at Social Work Helper.

Monday, February 03 2014
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