What happened to the child actor that played "Damien" in he 1976 classic "The Omen"?

As of 2010, Harvey Stephens is back to living in England where he has been employed as a futures trader on the London stock market and as late as 2010 he was a property developer in Kent, England. Stephens is married with one child.

Harvey Stephens was born on 12th November 1970 in Putney, London. He was four years old when picked for the part, which needed him to have his blond hair dyed dark brown.

Omen was the only major film role in Stephens' career, apart from a small role in the 1980 TV film Gauguin the Savage. He also performs in the DVD special features section of the 2006 version of The Omen, and has a small role as a tabloid journalist in the film.

Interview recording of Stephens from 1996 was used in the 2005 documentary The Curse of the Omen, a programme specifying the supposed eerie coincidences surrounding the making of the film. 30 years after originating his character in The Omen, he acted in the 2006 remake as a news reporter.

Stephens also appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio on 23 April 2008 to promote a film he was working on. He said he also has begun appearing at autograph signings / horror conventions "with my tricycle."

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