What happened to Jake LaMotta? Is he dead?

Jake LaMotta, boxing’s “Raging Bull,” who brawled his way to the middleweight boxing championship in a life of unbridled fury within the ring and outside it, and whose life became the subject of an acclaimed film, died on Tuesday in Miami. He was 95.

His fiancée of 25 years, Denise Baker, said he died of dysphagia pneumonia at Palm Garden Nursing Home, where he had been admitted for hospice care recently.

A “good-for-nothing bum kid” with a terrible temper, as he later described himself, LaMotta learned to box in an upstate New York reformatory, where he had been sent for attempted burglary. After going undefeated as an amateur after his release, he turned pro in 1941 and unleashed his enmity on dozens of ring opponents. Read more at New York Times.

It’s the movie that won Robert De Niro his Oscar for Best Actor. It’s the movie that earned Martin Scorsese his first nomination for Best Director. It’s the movie where the guy who would later play Coach on Cheers sees a handsome boxer get mutilated and says, “He ain’t pretty no more.” It’s Raging Bull, it came out 37 years ago this year, and it will punch you in the face. Here are 15 facts to enhance your next viewing of one of the best sports dramas ever made.

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