What happen to Abel's birth mother from sons of anarchy

Abel Teller's birth mother Wendy Chase appeared in the pilot and several Season 1 episodes as the pregnant, drug-addicted woman of the, then, second-in-command member of SAMCRO, Jax (Charlie Hunnam).

Wendy spent time in a sober living facility in Promises rehab afterwards. She wanted to reunite with Jax, trusting her family would support her recovery.

In Season 5, Wendy appears to Charming with the purpose of getting to her son. Towards the end of season, Jax paid Wendy a visit and shot her with a drug to ruin her integrity in case she were to fight for custody of her son.

Season 6 saw Wendy's return again, conspiring with Tara to get full custody of Abel and Thomas if Tara should go to jail. The plan has Wendy feed Gemma a series of lies just to make her agree to help Wendy get full custody.

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Thursday, March 13 2014
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