What fruits reduce water retention?

Not medical advice: Citrus and fruits rich in potassium as well as vegetables help reduce water retention. Melons, cucumbers, bananas, lemons, onion, beetroot, tomatoes, watercress, carrots, salad leaves and celery, to name few.

In addition to eating more fruits and vegetables, it's also worth reducing your intake of starchy and salty foods.

Water retention or fluid retention is the accumulation of excess fluids in body tissues, medically known as edema.

This term is also used to describe the symptoms of feeling bloated or experiencing a small weight gain due to physiologic shifts in body fluid balance brought on by dietary changes, hormonal factors, or dehydration. Learn more at MedicineNet.com.

A beauty tip, increasing circulation to the tissues through massage, heat or activity will not just reduce water retention but will also help minimize cellulite. Read more here.

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