What fraction of the atmosphere is below the 500 mb level?

The atmosphere is divided into three levels, according to different characteristics. Approximately one-half (1/2) of the mass of the atmosphere is below the 500 mb level. This level refers to weather conditions in the mid-troposphere and its altitude is approximately 5,500 meters.

Thirty percent of the mass of the atmosphere lies above the 300 mb chart. This altitude (height) is near 9,000 meters, and is where many of the long-distance commercial jet aircraft fly. In this level, there are also many fast jet streams that move across the country.

The highest level is the 850 mb level, and it is above approximately 15 percent of the atmosphere’s mass.

Recently, researchers discovered that rice paddies have been releasing more methane into the atmosphere for each kilogram of rice produced. However, there are ways to reduce the production and release of methane, such as mid-season draining of rice fields and using alternative fertilizers.