What Florida lottery scratch off ticket has the most winners ?

The Florida scratch-off game #1196 - $1 Monopoly has the largest number of winners with 156 top prizes in total (49 of which have currently been won).

The overall odds of winning are 1-in-4.88, and the odds of winning any particular prize are as follows:

  • $5,000.00: 1-in-240000.0
    $200.00: 1-in-24000.0
    $100.00: 1-in-3000.0
    $50.00: 1-in-2400.0
    $25.00: 1-in-1333.33
    $20.00: 1-in-300.0
    $10.00: 1-in-100.0
    $5.00: 1-in-150.0
    $4.00: 1-in-42.86
    $2.00: 1-in-14.29
    $1.00: 1-in-11.11

Meanwhile the Miami Herald is reporting that after no winners matched the 6 winning numbers in the Florida Lotto, the jackpot has risen to $35,000,000!

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Monday, April 21 2014

Source: http://www.flalottery.com/remainingPrizes.do

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