(What ever happened 2 Barbie Benton?)

Barbi Benton (Barbara Lynn Klein), a '70s pop-culture icon has retired from acting and taken up interior design.

After her separation from Hugh Hefner, Benton married real estate developer George Gradow with whom she shares her two children, Alexander (born 1986) and Ariana (born 1988).

Barbi Benton was born in New York on January 28, 1950. She starred in such B-movies as "The Third Girl from the Left" and "Deathstalker." She also made appearances on the TV shows "Hee Haw" and "Marcus Welby, M.D. and recorded 8 albums.

Contrary to popular belief, she was never a Playmate although she was featured in pictorials and on the magazine's cover.

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