What episode of ancient aliens talks about the oak island money pit?

It was featured on Season One Episode IV "Closer Encounters" of Ancient Aliens where they briefly touch on the famed Nova Scotia's Oak Island "money pit" and the infamous "Battle of Los Angeles".

New episodes of Ancient Aliens will air on Jan. 24 at 10e/11p.

According to TVShowsOnDVD.com, Blu-ray Disc and DVD versions of Ancient Aliens - Season 5, Volume 2 are now scheduled for release on March 4th by A&E/History and their distributor, Lionsgate Entertainment. Details and pricing haven't been finalized yet.

In ancient aliens buzz, the famous NASA Curiosity Mars rover may have uncovered evidence of ancient life on the Red Planet. Experts say "the rocks preserved there represent an ancient geological environment that was habitable for microbial life." Read more at Headlines & Global News.

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