What dose 14k G.E. ESPO mean on a ring

It means that the ring is made of some less expensive material (usually brass or copper) but has a thin layer of 14 karat gold on the surface.

GE stands for "gold electroplate" - gold that has been electrolytically deposited on a base metal. By Federal standards, in order to be called gold electroplate (or G.E.), the gold must be at least 7 mils (millionths of an inch) of an inch thick and of a fineness of 10K or better.

ESPO is the signature of the Esposito Jewelry Company. Signature was first used in the 1950's. The marking ESPO or also found as ESPO-FLEX are the marks of Esposito Jewelry, Inc., a costume jewelry company located in Providence.

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Monday, August 15 2016
Source: http://www.foremostjewelry.com/facs_gold.html