what does xr4ti mean when jim rome refers to his production staff as that?

Jim Rome calls Kyle Brandt, Jason Stewart, and Alvin Delloro “The XR4Ti Crew” from the brand name of his first car, a Merkur XR4Ti.

Rome also calls his listeners "clones", a legion of fans known as the clones who live and breathe for Jim Rome’s “take” on the day’s larger issues of sport.

Sources suggest that if a clone reports in with something stupid or something that does not flow right with the show, Jim will hang up on them to the sound of a loud buzzer and then tell his audience that “more of me and less of you is better for the show.”

As per IMDb, The Jim Rome Show is considered by many to the best sports radio talk show there is.

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Monday, July 31 2017
Source: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Jim_Rome

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