What does Totes Magoats mean??

The phrase "Totes Magotes/Mcgotes" was first used in the 2009 comedy movie, I Love You Man. Totes Magotes/Mcgotes is an awkward way to say "totally" when trying to be cool. Totally, meaning "Of Course"- Urban Dictionary.

See the expression in action in the movie here and in a recent Sprint Commercial below.

The film I Love You Man follows the story of a friendless Peter Klaven, who's engaged to be married and finds that he is having trouble finding a best man for his upcoming wedding. Peter spends some time getting to know the most qualified candidate to overcome the problem of who will be his best man. Read more here.

One of Paul Walker's best friends has revealed his final text messages to the late actor, telling him only days before his death "I love you man". Read more at Ninemsn.