What does the symbol mean that has a triangle inside a heart?

What we found is the adoption symbol which is a triangle intertwined with the heart. It represents the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents.

Another is the Universal Symbol of Affirmation (Interfaith Emblem), an upright equilateral triangle, surrounded by a circle touching its three corners, and surrounded in turn by a heart outline in contact top and sides.

Upright triangles have symbolized God, power, fire, security, success, prosperity, and health.

Circles have represented the eternal, the endless, the limitless, completeness, wholeness, and cycles such as birth and death.

Heart shapes have been ideograms for charity, forgiveness, welcomings, emotion, and the soul, expanding from early religious origins.

These elements can be interpreted on a variety of levels and in many ways.

In cosmic or universal being the triangle represents the structure or energy of the universe, natural law; the circle, like a regenerating cycle or open eye, shows life; and the heart stands for conscious creating, enjoying, and sharing, or love— law, life, and love.

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Wednesday, March 30 2016
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