What does the slang word trix mean ?

Here are some of the definitions of the word trix according to Urbandictionary.com:

  • A cereal that a certain rabbit really wants, but is always confiscated at the last second by kids who discriminate against age and species.
  • Things, overall stuff, life. Usually used to ask someone how things are.
  • Someone (usually a girl) who's a tease; Someone who is young and naive.
  • Verb: To ignore/block someone from a RP. Also to hypocrisyze hugely. To be a total female dog to those who are new to RP.

Definition of -trix from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

  • female that does or is associated with a (specified) thing
  • geometric line, point, or surface

Origin of -TRIX: Middle English, from Latin, feminine of -tor, suffix denoting an agent.

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