What does the slang word gwaf mean?

The slang term GWAF is used in online chats and text messages to express extreme amusement about something, in a generally crude manner. It is usually used when something is very funny - in a lame kind of way.

It stands for Getting Weak As F**k (from laughing so hard).

It's similar, but less common than LOL (Laughing Out Loud), LMAO (Laughing My A*s Off), or simply Hahahahah (a simulation of laughter written out in text).

One might text a friend and say "You've got to see this YouTube video I just posted on Twitter, I was GWAF!"

There are also a few non-slang acronym definitions for GWAF:

  • Garden Writers Association Foundation
    Grant Wood Art Festival
    Golden Wheel Awards Foundation
    Genetic Weight Adaptation Filter
    Green World Art Festival

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