What does the sexual terM diving for dollars mean Married 2 years and 4 months

"Diving for dollars" was mentioned by actor Eugene Levy, playing Mr. Noah Levenstein in the 2012 film American Reunion, but it was stated as a vague, ambiguous joke. While talking to his son about sex, he told him that his mother once favored "diving for dollars" in the bedroom. It was never explained what this meant, even Mr. Levy remains tight-lipped when asked for the definition. "It's better left to the imagination. It sounds like it could either be fun and at the same time a little nasty."

While there's really no common sexual term called "diving for dollars", some refer to it as "making someone pick up dollars with one's mouth from an intimate body location in which they'd have to dive to do so". It can also refer to when someone gives money to a stripper. Finally, it is used as a euphemism for oral sex as well.

Outside the world of sex, "diving for dollars" is a slang expression meaning "raiding one's pockets for loose change". The phrase is used to refer to the action of going through the pockets of many or all of your clothes, looking for money that you may have forgotten about or lost track of.

In movie buzz, Eugene Levy is working alongside Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Cybill Shepherd in a new comedy movie, Squirrels to the Nuts; the film has been three years in the making due to casting and other delays.

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