What does the numbers in numerology mean

There's no one set definition for the meaning of all the numbers in numerology. But, some common meanings for each number are:

1 - creativity, individual, aggressor, independence, originality, ego, self
2 - empathy, balance, cooperation, union, consideration, over-sensitivity
3 - communication/interaction, artistic expression, sociability, friendliness, superficiality
4 - creation, practicality, application, loyalty, rigidity, repression
5 - action, restlessness, freedom, adaptability, travel, inconsistency
6 - home/family, responsibility, love, understanding, meddling, jealousy
7 - thought/consciousness, spirituality, mental analysis, wisdom, fault finding, suppression
8 - sacrifice, management, power, materiality, unscrupulousness
9 - highest level of changes, artistic genius, humanitarianism, romance, emotionalism, dissipation

The definition of numerology is: "The study of the occult meanings of numbers and their supposed influence on human life."

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Tuesday, March 20 2012
Source: http://spiritlink.com/numbmean.html

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