What does sleeping with your hands between ur legs mean

This is the foetus position, when one sleeps curled up like a baby in the womb. The hands can be held together at the neck or between the legs. This is reportedly the most common sleep position and is also indicative of the most normal type personality. Such men and women are generally secure and well-balanced individuals.

For Her:

Women who sleep like a baby in the womb are described as being incredibly loving and sweet. They are very tough ladies who run their homes with firm hands, but they are also warm and sensitive individuals. Women who sleep like babies tend to be shy and do not trust others easily. They like men who are sensitive and caring of others. Not for them the arrogant, know-it-all type of guy. They value humility, decency and honesty. If you are the flamboyant, show-off type, you can forget about this lady. She has little time for the dramatic and grand flourish.

For Him:

Men who sleep like a baby just love being mothered. In a sense, they have never grown up, so they like “big mama”. If you tend to be on the plump side, you will appeal to his need for the warmth of the womb. He likes women who can take charge of situations and he will seldom allow himself to be unfaithful. To him, the family unit offers an irresistible sense of well-being. So such men usually make faithful husbands

How you sleep says more about you than you realize - your dreams, your hopes, and most of all your yearning for loving and touching. How you sleep reveals what you are really looking for in a soul mate. Remember that often what we feel and what we think we want may be quite the opposite of what our inner consciousness wants.

Here are some highlights of the six most common sleeping postures - check these out and see what your sleeping position is telling you about what you really want in a guy… or a gal.

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