What does rain at a funeral mean

According to Victorian superstitions, rain at a funeral is a good sign; it means that the dearly departed is on their way to heaven.

Just about every culture and every family has their own list of traditions when it comes to funerals.

Some of the traditions may be lighthearted, such as everyone wearing the same color clothing in honor of the deceased’s favorite color, or as somber as observing a strict period of mourning.

Some widely held customs and superstitions include:

  • • Pall bearers wearing gloves when they carry a casket to prevent the spirit of the deceased from entering the body of the living.
  • • Covering mirrors with dark cloth right after death to protect those living in the house from the spirit of the deceased.
  • • Stopping the primary clock in the house upon the death of a loved one, and not restarting it until after all the burial arrangements have been carried out

iMortuary.com lists more myths and superstitions.

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