What does pain in the left upper side under the rib mean?

Not Medical Advice: Painful distinctions under the ribs cage might occur due to injuries, acute disorders, or other various basic conditions. Some of the common causes:

  • Costochondritis which is a crucial infection of the cartridges, which connect the ribs to the breastbone or a severe effect around the rib cage and shoulder.

  • Indigestion, the pain mostly happens after extreme burping after having a heavy meal.

  • Gastritis, from a bacterial infection that is contained by an irritation of the lining of the walls of the stomach.

Treatment differs according to its basic cause. Successful treatment is possible only after having a proper diagnosis. Gastric problems might need change in your diet to eat fruits and vegetables. Mild inflammation of the muscles might require painkillers but for a broken rib, it needs serious medical attention.

It is recommendable you go for a checkup if you are experiencing severe pain under your left rib cage, as this will support you to know the exact cause of the pain and use suitable therapy approach for quick recovery.

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