What does " no ticky, no shirty " mean ?

The ungrammatical phrase "no tickee no shirtee" also known as "no tickee no washee," speaks about a Chinese laundryman's power over a laundry transaction, wherein the Chinese laundryman refused to relinquish freshly laundered shirts to a white man, who has innocently and unintentionally lost his claim ticket.

The phrase is a fine example of a linguistic phenomenon; when people learn a new language, they layer their new vocabulary on top of the grammatical structure of their native language, like for the Mandarin Chinese phrase: ”mei(2) pian(3) yi(1) mei(2) chun(3) yi(1)”; which literally means, “no ticket, no shirt”.

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Thursday, July 03 2014

Source: http://everything2.com/title/No+tickee+no+shirtee

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