What does it mean when you big toe itches

In terms of superstitions, if your foot itches, someone is coming to visit you, and if your big toe itches, the person is right at your door step!

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Superstitions are practices or beliefs for which there appears to be no rational substance and result from ignorance and fear of the unknown. Those who use the term suggest that they have certain knowledge or superior evidence for their scientific, philosophical, or religious convictions.

Superstitions have been extremely influential in history. And even in so-called modern times, in a day when objective proof or evidence is highly valued, there are few people who would not, if pressed, admit to cherishing secretly one or two irrational beliefs or superstitions. Such superstitious thoughts persist notwithstanding the evidence which oppose their validity.

For some people, superstitions can actually take over their lives, so here are ten reasons why you should stop being so superstitious shared by Beautyandtips.com.

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