What does it mean when a picture falls off the wall

There is a superstitious belief that if a picture falls off the wall without reason, it is considered to be a reliable death omen. Sources suggest that this doesn't mean it is a sign of your death. It may be just a signal that someone will be leaving this world soon.

There are many superstitions surrounding death, here are some:

  • If you smell roses when none are around someone is going to die.

  • If you see yourself in a dream, your death will follow.

  • If you see an owl in the daytime, there will be a death.

  • If you dream about a birth, someone you know will die.

  • If it rains in an open grave then someone in the family will die within the year.

  • If a bird pecks on your window or crashes into one, there has been a death.

  • A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad omen.

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