What does it mean in a hospital when they anounce code purple

not Medical Advice: Code Purple is a message announced over a hospital’s public address system warning all the staff of a bomb threat requiring evacuation, a violent person or patient in the hospital, there’s a VIP or celebrity in the hospital (everyone needs to behave), there’s an overloaded emergency department that cannot accept more patients therefore incoming patients should be diverted to other facilities, a hostage situation, a patient abduction, a psychiatric emergency or a lost or disoriented elderly patient.

Standardized hospital emergency codes are used to help improve patient safety and lessen the risk of errors in care. It is a notification of an event that needs immediate action. Emergency codes also facilitate the translation of essential information to the responding code teams to ensure optimal response.

Bomb threats are serious until proven otherwise. Act quickly, but remain calm and obtain information using this Bomb Threat Checklist shared by SFASU.edu.

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