What does hoonigan mean?

Hoonigan is a motorsport-lifestyle brand with a penchant for automotive debauchery. The brand was spawned in 2011 by DC Shoes Co-Founder Ken Block and 0-60 Magazine Editor-in-Chief Brian Scotto.

The company is dedicated to creating authentic products for the rebellious gear head. Its name, a portmanteau, is the combination of “hooligan” and “hoon,” the Australian term for screwing about in cars.

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Of interest, if you haven’t lost a few hours to watching Ken Block’s gymkhana video series, you probably should start now. Without spoiling the spectacle, the episodes follow Block as he uses overpowered cars to terrorize racetracks and public roads by drifting within inches of barriers and occasionally humans.

The star of Block’s next video, “Gymkhana 7,” is a heavily modified 1965 notchback Mustang with 6.7-liter Ford V8 overflowing from the hood. Also known as the Hoonicorn, it produces a nonsensical 845 horsepower. That’s like tying 845 adult horses to a car, and have them all start running at the same time.

The best part is, it’s in the hands of a guy who can handle all that power. Catch more at WIRED.

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Tuesday, November 25 2014

Source: http://speedsociety.com/hoonigan/