what does 1st person point of view mean?

In literature, "first person point of view" is the term for when the narrator of a story participates in the action of the story. It can occur in both fiction and non-fiction. It's very common in non-fiction or fiction based on a true story, because it's a personal account of an event or series of events. It is similar to a person reading their journal or diary openly to others.

In the first person point of view, the narrator can be a minor character or the main protagonist. In movies and video games, the "first person point of view" is when it looks as if the viewer is seeing exactly what a character is seeing, as if looking through a character's eyes.

The pronouns "I, me, us" and "our" are used most often in a story told from the first person point of view.

"Second person point of view" is when the reader is the center of attention, while "third person point of view" is when an observer not involved in the story narrates it. The "third person point in view," in movies and video games, is when the character(s) are shown from the viewpoint of a nearby camera.

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