What does 18k hge mean?

The "HGE" , "GE", or "HG" stands for hard gold electroplated, and the 18k refers to the type of plating (not that the piece of jewelry is actually 18k gold).

In other words, a piece of jewelry that is stamped 18k HGE is gold plated costume jewelry with little value.

Gold filled jewelry is made from joining or bonding a top layer of gold alloy to a base metal alloy and then rolled or drawn to the thickness required. Gold filled jewelry usually contains less than 5% gold alloy.

 Gold filled is sometimes stamped 1/20th 12k gold filled. Back in the 1970's, JCPenney took one of their rings that was stamped 14k and had it tested to determine exactly what its gold content was.

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Monday, November 19 2012
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