What do the symbols on ohio state's football helmets stand for?

The buckeye leaf design applied to Ohio State football helmets represents the buckeye tree as a symbol of strength and sturdiness of all Ohio State students.

The design is a round white decal, about the size of a quarter, with a green depiction of a buckeye; originally drawn in 1950 by alumnus and comic strip artist Milton Caniff.

The first Buckeye leaf decals appeared on the helmets of the 1967 OSU football team and are still given to players today for execution of an exceptional play on the field.

Every team member receives a buckeye for each OSU win, plus an additional sticker for Big Ten victories. Entire units are eligible if they meet certain criteria.

If the Buckeyes' defense, for example, racks up at least five three-and-outs, each member receives a sticker. The Buckeyes' offense, upon executing 10 plays which gain 12 or more yards, is rewarded similarly.

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