What do ground hogs eat

Groundhogs are herbivores; eating a variety of green plants and flowers.

Groundhogs like almost any type of green plant imaginable! They eat soybeans, grasses, herbs, flowers green stems, clover, leaves, and alfalfa, though some of their favorites include melons, peas and carrots, cucumbers, beans, and corn. Believe it or not, they've even been known to climb into trees for apples, nuts and pears!

Many flower garden varieties are included in the groundhog diet including marigold, snapdragons, sunflowers, daises, pansies, asters, lilies, and phlox.

If you have a problem with a ground hog decimating your yard or garden, IMustGarden.com offers Tips for Repelling Groundhogs.

FarmAndDairy is reporting that with the height of summer here, rabbits, groundhogs and insects may be relentlessly nibbling the fresh leaves off of tomato plants and sunflower sprouts.

Tuesday, August 12 2014

Source: http://www.outwitcritters.com/groundhog/diet.html

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