What countries have aircraft carriers?

There are 9 countries with active-service aircraft carriers:

  • Brazil has 1 purchased from France.
    Thailand has 1 that is Spanish-built.
    India’s only aircraft carrier was purchased from the UK.
    The former Soviet Union had 1 that ended up belonging to Russia and 1 that went to China, which was not in use until now.
    Spain has 2, but one is classified as an assault ship not a carrier.
    Italy has 2.
    France and the UK both have 1.
    The US operates 11; all of them are nuclear powered supercarriers.

On September 26, 2012 the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese Navy officially launched its aircraft carrier, christened the Liaoning after China's northeastern province; military experts say, however, that it is still a few years away from being combat ready.