what channel is pcn on direct tv in western pennsylvania

There's no way to get PCN through DirecTV, Dish Network, or any other satellite TV service. It's not available through satellite TV anywhere. PCN's website states that this is an issue with the satellite TV companies, as they do not wish to carry PCN and have no plans to in the near future. However, most local cable television companies in Pennsylvania carry PCN TV.

Their website suggests for you to contact your local cable company to request PCN if they don't currently carry it. A list of cable companies that carry PCN, as well as channel designations, can be found here. You can also stream PCN online via this link. However, some of the content requires a subscription to access.

Of interest, here has recently been a lot of speculation that DirecTV is on the verge of merging with its competitor, Dish. Business experts feel the merger is very likely after DirecTV dropped their bid for Brazilian telecom company GTT, and immediately after shares of both DirecTV and Dish rose significantly, by 4.5% and 3% respectively.

Tuesday, March 19 2013

Source: http://pcntv.com/about/faqs/

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