What are traits of Norwegian men

Norwegians (men & women) share some traits among themselves. NHH.no has discussed these traits to show something of what to expect if you meet the people of Norway (in general).

Here are the highlighted traits mentioned on the site:

  • Norwegians are thoughtful and kind.
  • If you ask for assistance, you will gain their support unconditionally regardless of your status.
  • Norwegians may seem a bit shy, but this, in part, is because they do not like to “meddle in,” interfere with, another person’s life.
  • Norwegians do not normally greet strangers or start conversations with them. Yet they are not impolite so if you speak to them, most will gladly respond.
  • Norwegians talk quite a lot about the weather.
  • Norwegians love the outdoors, and you will rarely meet one of them who doesn’t practice an outdoor sport or recreation activity
  • Norwegians are very proud of their country. They especially like it when visitors show an interest in Norway.
  • Norwegians like to travel, within their own country and abroad.
  • They place a high value on sincerity and straightforward conversation.
  • Their humor tends to be dry and witty, with a touch of irony—and appears often when the visitor least expects it!
  • Most Norwegians are informal in dress and manner.

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