What are the prices for the, Can-Am Spyder Roadsters?

The Can-Am Spyder Roadster is a sport-touring class motorcycle made by Bombardier Recreational Products. It is configured like a reverse trike; two wheels in front and one in back.

The MSRP for 2012 models:

RS: $16,499 base model with a 106hp Rotax V Twin;

RS-S: $18,099 with features like upgraded rims, sport suspension, different color options and paint scheme. 106hp Rotax V Twin;

RT: $21,699 heavier with beefier suspension, more comfort features, over 3x the fuel capacity of the standard RS and a touring calibrated 100hp Rotax V Twin;

RT Audio And Convenience: $23,499 with more gauges than the RT, an audio system and a 100hp Rotax V Twin;

RT-S: $25,699 for extras like chrome trim, more speakers, more lights and a 100hp Rotax V Twin;

RT-Limited: $28,899, features include fog lights, chrome trim & accents, model-exclusive colors, GPS, Bluetooth capability and a 100hp Rotax V Twin;

The Can-Am Spyder Roadster debuted in 2008 with two models. One was a manual ($15,499); the other was a manual with an automatic clutch ($16,999).

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