What are the names of all the Baldwin brothers?

The Baldwin Brothers are the four brothers in the American Baldwin family namely Alec, Billy, Daniel and Stephen. The Baldwin brothers and sisters Jane and Elizabeth were raised in Massapequa, NY by mother Carol and father Alexander Rae Baldwin, a former Marine and high school football coach.

Alec (Alexander Rae Baldwin III), born on April 3, 1958 was the first to gain fame with his role in Knots Landing, Beetlejuice, Working Girl and The Hunt for Red October.

Daniel (Daniel Leroy Baldwin), born on October 5, 1960 is the second eldest of the four Baldwin brothers. Daniel appeared in mediocre movies before finding success on TV.

Billy (William Joseph Baldwin), born on February 21, 1963 was influenced by Alec, who introduced him to Calvin Klein. He became a model and then landed roles in Flatliners, Backdraft and Sliver.

The youngest of the brothers, Stephen Andrew Baldwin was born on May 12, 1966 found an early success in The Usual Suspects and has become known as pro- Republican, preaching Christianity and filing for bankruptcy.

In the news, Stephen Baldwin was recently stopped by a police officer in Sugar Hill, a district in Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood, when he noticed an expired temporary registration sticker from Texas on the windshield of the actor's gold 2013 Ford Explorer. Read more at Channel 24.