What are the 5 keys of the smith system

The Smith System is described as a proactive approach to protect yourself from the inconsistent and unsafe actions of other motorists.

Smith System five keys to maintain space for your vehicle and visibility:

“Aim high in steering”. Look farther ahead and further than drivers around you.
“Get the big picture”. Watch for erratic or close following drivers.
“Keep your eyes moving”. Be aware of road conditions, traffic conditions, and driver behavior. “Leave yourself an out”. Choose outside lanes to avoid being surrounded by other drivers.
“Make sure they see you”. Use signal lights, horns, and headlights, and avoid driving in another driver’s blindspot.

A mnemonic device to remember the five keys is All Good Kids Like Milk.

Cryogenic Transportation Inc. (CTI) driver David Notter recently avoided being involved in a horrific accident by using the Smith Keys to anticipate the road ahead. He was then able to save the lives of two people by putting out a fire in the engine compartment of a burning pickup truck.

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Thursday, June 28 2012
Source: http://www.smith-system.com/