what are some small words with the letter "x" in them? Rob

For two letter words that contain the letter "x" there's Ax, Ox, and Xi (the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet). There are at least 3 dozen three letter words containing "x" these include Axe, Box, Fax, Fix, Fox, Hex, Lox, Lux, Max, Mix, Sex, Six, Sox, Tax, Tux, and Wax. If you're willing to go to 4 letter words we have Apex, Axis, Axis, Axle, Cruz, Exit, Expo, Faux, Flax, Flex, Flux, Foxy, Hoax, Ibex, Jinx, Next, Onyx, Sexy, and Taxi.

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Wednesday, February 01 2012

Source: http://www.wolfberg.net/scrabble/wordlists/x/

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