What are some nice things to say to your teacher?

Here are some nice things to say to your teacher:

  • Thank you for teaching from your heart, not from a book
  • Thank you for opening "doors" for me
  • Like a candle, you have lit my way
  • You've written great things on my "blackboard of life" that will not be forgotten
  • If I could thank you from the bottom of my heart, I would, but as it turns out, my heart has no bottom
  • I've heard that angels often disguise themselves as people on Earth
  • I was glad you were my teacher.
  • Thank you for giving me courage
  • You helped me see what I could be
  • You are the best teacher ever!
  • You gave me strength
  • You made me a better person
  • Thank you for your patience
  • I’ll never forget you

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Watch a very special teacher thank-you below:

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