Were any of the golden girls friends in real life? And did they get along on and off stage?

As reported by Glamour.com, Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan didn't have much of a friendship. Rue admits that "Bea and I didn't have a lot of relationship going on. She wouldn't go to lunch with me unless Betty would go too." In fact, the girls really didn't hang out much outside of the show except when Estelle Getty had her annual birthday party every June.

Rue McClanahan had a much closer relationship with Betty White, who played sweetly naive Rose Nylund. Bea Arthur did not get along with Betty White for most of the time that they worked together on Golden Girls, however possibly they have since mellowed out, especially in light of their mutual friend, Estelle Getty's health woes.

Who didn't love "The Golden Girls"? They were the original fab foursome. A group of elderly ladies, still in the prime of their life, living together in sunny Miami, dealing with all of the same issues as women half their age, namely, ex-husbands, sex and cataracts.

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In latest buzz, Betty White, pillar of humanity and shining example of all that is funny and spectacular in the world, fell victim to a death hoax recently. Satirical news site Empire News published a story with the headline "Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home." White's many fans and other Internet news consumers who don't read past headlines confused "dyes" with "dies" and satire with reality, and pronounced the "Golden Girls" star dead. Read more at HuffingtonPost.com.

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