Was Howard Stern in the military?

Records show that the radio host Howard Stern, didn't join the military. He loves the U.S. military though - listen to this radio clip.

Stern attended Washington Rose Elementary School in Roosevelt, NY until he finished sixth grade and went to Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School. According to the autobiography he wrote in 1993, Stern received a fair amount of beatings while attending that school, from other students.

In 1969, Stern’s family moved to Rockville Centre and he moved to South Side High School, where he graduated in 1972.

Having received an invitation to join Elmira College, Stern instead chose to go to Boston University. During his sophomore year at the university, he read news at the local station and spun records.

Stern gained his professional debut at WNTN in 1975. He joined several other radio stations including WRNW-FM, WCCC-FM (1979), WWWW-FM, WWWW-FM and WNBC. His most successful patch was at WXRK-FM, where he stayed for over twenty years, until 2005.

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Thursday, April 16 2015
Source: http://stern.fm/howard-stern-history/