The actor who plays Brick on the MIDDLE seems to walk w/ a limp. Why is that?

Atticus Shaffer plays the role of a peculiar second grader named Brick Heck in the ABC sitcom "The Middle." He has a limp because of a genetic disorder known as brittle bone disease. While his case is less severe than most, physical activity is a challenge at times. Learn more about the disorder at Healthline.

Atticus Shaffer was born on June 19, 1998 in Santa Clarita, California. He is an American actor, also known for portraying Matty Newton in the 2009 film, The Unborn.

Of interest, The Middle is a comedy about a Midwest family just trying to make it through the day. Check out the cast as they talk about the show's message in an interview with Sandy Miller of FOX 2 Now.

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