So what happened to joey greco? How come he doesn't host the show anymore?

Joey Greco hosted Cheaters from season 3 to season 12. Television news magazine 20/20 announced on June 2012 that he was being replaced by Clark Gable starting season 13.

Cheaters creator Bobby Goldstein said this about Greco’s departure, “We just felt it was time to freshen up the show with a new host.” Clark Gable is the grandson of the legendary Gone With the Wind star with the same name.

The first of 44 episodes with Gable as host premiered in September 2012. Filming is still taking place in Dallas, Texas. He insists that Cheaters is not staged or faked in any way. Camera men actually walk into real situations where husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends confront the person cheating and catch them in the act.

Greco also hosts a call-in radio program called Issues with Joey Greco, where he gives advice on various issues.

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