On the Minnesota Twins logo, what does the interlaced T and C mean? John C.

The “TC” in the logo for the Minnesota Twins stands for Twin Cities. Twin Cities is the nickname for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area of Minnesota, where the two cities are so close to each other geographically that they have eventually grown into each other. TC is also the name of the team’s mascot, TC Bear.

The “TC” first became a part of the Twins’ logo in 1961. Over the years, the “TC” has moved from the caps to the sleeve and back to the caps.

With only a few regular season games remaining, the Minnesota Twins are last place in the AL-Central division. It is numerically impossible for them to make the 2012 MLB playoffs.

Sunday, September 30 2012
Source: http://mlb.mlb.com/min/community/mascot.jsp