On a gold necklace or pendant what does it mean when it reads 14 or 24kcl instead of k is the chain or pendant still real or not?

It's unusual to find those symbols stamped on gold jewelry. If you want its purity evaluated, you can go to a jewelry store and ask to have it tested.

Karat, which is the most widely used measure of gold purity, is abbreviated as "K" or "kt".

For gold jewelry made in the U.S. or Canada it should be stamped 14K, 18K, 22K or some number greater than 9 and less than 24 with a "K" or "kt" after it.

In some instances, you may come across with jewelries marked “KP”. "P" stands for “plumb”. This marking means that the piece is guaranteed to have at least the karat value indicated. For example, if a ring is marked 20KP, it has a gold purity of no less than 20 karats.

Sometimes, there will be no marks stamped on your jewelry. In such cases, the most accurate assessment of gold purity can be made by a professional.

See this Gold Mark page from YesterdayGems.com that details the most common marks seen on gold articles.

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Friday, November 07 2014
Source: http://www.silverrecyclers.com/Purity_Hints.html