Olympic game that is like shuffleboard but on ice. Use brooms to make the rock go. the guys skate. What is it called?

It's called 'curling'. It's a unique mix of shuffleboard and bowling on ice, with the strategy of chess thrown in for good measure.

Curling is a team sport played by two teams of four players on a rectangular sheet of ice. Its nickname, “The Roaring Game”, originates from the rumbling sound the 44-pound (19.96kg) granite stones make when they travel across the ice.

This sport originated in the 16th century in Scotland, where games were played during winter on frozen ponds and lochs. The earliest-known curling stones came from the Scottish regions of Stirling and Perth and date from 1511. In the 1600s, stones with handles were introduced.

Between 1936 and 1992, curling was staged at the Olympic Games as a demonstration sport: in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1936 and Innsbruck in 1964, under the German name of “Eisschiessen”; and in 1988 in Calgary and in 1992 in Albertville, with both men’s and women’s events.

It was in Nagano in 1998 that it officially joined the Olympic programme, with both men’s and women’s competitions.

When you step into the world of curling, you’ll discover a sport that is thrilling thousands of Manitobans who know it has everything you need to enjoy yourself this winter, and more.

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Monday, August 15 2016
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